Monday, September 21, 2009

Haeyang Park - Jinhae

This islet is located at Haeyang Park and it is just 5 minutes walk from Jinhae Marine Park. The islet attracts lots of families and tourist who enjoy walking through the shallow shore. During low tide people enjoy picking clams.

High Tide


Sampo Song's Monument

This granite monument (3.5m in width and lenght, 5m in height) stands nearby Sampo Village. Sing- a- song writer Mr lee Hyemin wrote the popular song " Samporoganungil ( The way to Sampo)" in memory of his younger days trip to Sampo Village. The lyrics and story of the song is inscribed on both side of the monument.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seokcho Pier - Jinhae

Ferries depart at ninety-minute intervals from 7am-5.30pm (last service 6.40pm) to Geoje-do, Korea's second largest island. The ferry terminal is a 15-20 minutes walk from Jinhae Station or you can take bus number 101, 103, 106, 107 and 111, which all run past either the train station or main roundabout and terminate one street away from Seokcho at Sukchon station.


Night View of Jinhaeru Pavillion - Jinhae

This is a night view of Jinhaeru Pavilion at Seaside Park in Jinhae, South Gyeongsang Province. Jinhae is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring.


Jinhae @ Night

This spectacular view of Jinhae/Chinhae was taken from Anmin Ridge which is one of the famous scenic route of Jinhae. It is approximately 5 minutes drive from the Chinhae US Naval Base.


Jinhae Energy Environment Science Park

This is the newly added up must-see place of the city. Taking after the shape of Geobuksun, and sailing boat, this park boasts of grand night view by colorful illuminating lights. The Energy Hall in the park is Korea's first built to enhance energy awareness to the public.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Busan, a bustling city of approximately 3.6 million residents, is located on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. The size of Busan is 765.64km² which is 0.8% of the whole land of the Korean Peninsula. Busan is the second largest city in Korea.

Jinheungsa Temple - JINHAE

Jinheungsa Temple is located at Mt. Jangboksan Recreational Forest and just 5 minutes walk from Jinhae Citizen's Hall and Parkland Theme Park.