Sunday, November 8, 2009


Pyochungsa is located on Jaeyaksan Mountain, which is called the ‘Alps of the Yeongnam region,’ to the southwest of Cheonhwangsan Mountain. Pyochungsa is also one of the most popular tourist spots in the Miryang area.It was originally named Jukrimsa when Great Master Wonhyo founded it.

Pyochungsa makes a deep impression by reminding us of the Korean ancestors’ love of their country and people. The temple is in a most auspicious location in terms of geomancy (Chi: Feng Shui); Gajisan, Unmunsan, and Jaeyaksan Mountains are standing in the background, while two river courses join in front of the temple and surround this location. According to a geomantic prophecy, the temple is expected to produce six more saints who will save the future of the country. On the temple grounds stands a famed stone monument called Pyochungbi (Foremost Patriotism Tablet), which was erected to extol the patriotic deeds of Great Master Song-un a.k.a. Samyeongdang. The monument has been reported to drip sweat whenever serious national affairs or disasters befall the nation, as if predicting them. For example, it shed sweat before the Gabogyeongjang Reform in 1894, the Japanese annexation of Korea in 1910, the March 1 Movement for national independence in 1919, the liberation of Korea on August 15 in 1945, the Korean War in 1950, the April 19 Movement for democracy in 1960, and the May 16 coup d’etat in 1961.

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